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Practice Materials

Haydn's The Creation

Free-of-charge audio practice tracks can be found at:

Chord Perfect

Features human voices for each section voice:

Soprano (click on blue link)

Alto (click on blue link)

Tenor (click on blue link)

Bass  (click on blue link)

Please note that the numbering used in this resource, unlike the ones below, relates to the old Novello score and there are also some differences in the words from the New Novello score. 

Click here for table showing how the labelling of movements in Chord Perfect relate to those in the New Novello score for The Creation.

Choralia (click on blue link) Section voices represented with electronic voices

JohnF's Rehearsal Files (click on blue link) Section voices represented with different instruments

Recording of Performance of The Creation (click on blue link)

Recording of Choral Sections only of The Creation (click on blue link) Jonathan has kindly made available to us a recording of The Creation by Simon Rattle and the Birmingham Philharmonic from which he has removed all of the recitatives, arias and solo ensembles so that there is now only the parts which the choir will sing. 

Click here for a recording of Andrew McGregor and Jeremy Summerly discussing Haydn's The Creation with illustrations from different recordings of this work (start listening at 1.28)

Audio Recording of Rehearsals  (click on blue link) With great thanks to Jonathan.

Weep O mine eyes

Click here for recording of Weep O mine eyes by John Bennet

Adieu sweet Amarillis

Click here for recording of Adieu sweet Amarillis by John Wilbye

Locus iste

Click here for recording of Locus iste by Anton Bruckner 


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